Resistance Band For Pull Up

Lifeline USA Revolution Plus

Lifeline USA Revolution Plus

Resistance Band For Pull Up

It can be really frustrating when you know that you can’t even do more than 2 or 5 proper reps of Pull-ups. Don’t worry, with this awesome resistance band, you will no longer have that problem, and I am going to show you which one resistance band will do that for you.

It’s the Lifeline USA Pull-up Revolution Plus, and the Revolution Pro. The purpose of this resistance band is built to help/assist us in doing Pull-ups easier, more focus and more repetitions.

Reminder: There are many types of resistance bands available online and offline, so make sure you get the one that is able to assist you in doing the Pull-up exercise. Do NOT get the wrong one!


The Lifeline USA Pull-up Revolution Plus/Pro

LifelineUSA Pull-up Revolution Plus

Now let’s see why the LifelineUSA Pull-up Revolution Plus is the most recommended on the market of Resistance Band for Assisted Pull-up.

1) LifelineUSA is a very well known company in making high quality products, such as the XT Jungle Gym and some other great equipments.

2) This Resistance Band is unlike others, this one is solely built for Assisted Pull-up and also Push-up with 3 cables 16″ in length that provide up to 100 pounds of peak assistance. Yes, now your wife and kids can join together for some advance exercise!

3) Without weight limit, this thing can handle anyone from light to heavy weight. No worry about being 50lbs or 300lbs, this is a solid product that is built to last forever.

4) LifelineUSA has superb customer service, their products are just as great as their customer service. You have nothing to worry about when purchasing items from this awesome company.

5) This item comes with a free DVD with tips and exercise programs. You won’t be sitting down there and not knowing what to do with it once you received it.

6) It has superb ratings base on Amazon, today 29th of December 2013, it has 99 ratings, 91 ratings are 5 – 4 stars, and 8 ratings are 3 – 1 stars. With such a good rating, it’s gonna be hard to say ‘No’ to the ‘Buy It now’.

Doesn’t Have a Pull-Up Bar?


Something To Consider

As I have mentioned above, this Pull-up Revolution Plus is built only for assisting you with Pull-up and Push-up.

If you are looking for a more flexibility resistance band, perhaps you should take a look at the Aylio 3 Exercise Bands.



If your goal is to enhance your strength for you to be able to do a full range of motion Pull-ups without assistance, then getting your self a Pull-up Revolution Plus is what I think you should do.