5 Best Power Towers Reviewed + Guide and Benefits

What is Power Tower

Fitness habit has interested a lot of people in recent years. They have learned how to remain fit and take care of their body with the help of various equipment which will help them with getting the best results. I have, therefore, decided to review the best power towers you can buy on the internet in order to help you to decide which one is the right for you.

Power Tower, commonly known as Knee Raise Station is one of the well-know fitness equipment that is used to build abdominal muscles and train your upper body. It is a kind of machine which will help you with doing exercises with your own weight. Power Tower consists of side and overhead bars and dip handles that can be used to perform exercises for arms, back and abdominal muscles.



  • The upper body muscles can be trained with the help of one of the best Power Towers
  • There are three main types of exercise you can perform with the Power Tower – Dips, Push-up and Pull-ups. I will write more about them below
  • Efficient machine which can help you get the results faster
  • Helps you to reach your fitness goal

There are many Power Towers you can buy hence I have decided to review the 5 best Power Towers. Below, you can see the list of Power Towers which I have reviewed for you. It shows only general information. If you click “Read Review”, you will be redirected to the full review, where you can read deep insight and pros and cons.


5 Best Power Towers

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Types of Exercises that can be performed with the Power Tower:

 If I talk about the exercises you can do we will find that there are just three types of exercises which can be done. But don’t worry! There are lots of variations for you to train. Many of those variations are more beneficial than the basic exercise so I recommend you to change your training frequently.


The three basic exercises are…

Triceps Dips:

As per the name it is the exercise for the triceps muscles only. You need to stand in front of the power tower and you can position yourself in front of the dip handles. Grab now the dips with your hands, hanging in the air and cross your legs and bend your knees behind you and lower your body by bending up your elbows. By doing dips, you workout your chest, shoulders and mainly the triceps.


This station is for the various kinds of push-ups which can be great to strengthen your shoulders, chest, triceps and even your back. Most of the Power Tower machines come with fixed bars, but nowadays there are few options available in which you can decrease or increase the level of the bars. It can be of great use for you as now with them you can reduce or raise the level of resistance. There are many methods to perform the push ups like you can bend towards your sides and you can also put a chair underneath you to increase the difficulty level too. I, personally, really like doing elevated Push-up.


The pull-up exercise can be done on your power tower. There are two types – one with the wide grip and the other one with the close grip. In the wide grip, the back muscles and the biceps muscles of the upper arms are involved. Wider grip Pull-up is much harder to do as you need more power to take your body up. You can stand facing the power tower and grab the overhead bar using the grip now just bend your knees and your legs should be crossed. Now, this is the starting point, now you need to pull your body upwards by bending your elbows. When you find your chin close to the bar then  try to lower your body by extending your respective elbows until you reach your starting position. The close grip is another movement that is the variation of the standard pull up. They target the biceps and back muscles. Stand facing the power tower and grab the bar that is placed overhead suing your underhand close grip. You can bend your knees, legs should be crossed behind you, and hang from the bar. You can raise your body in the upward direction so that your chin touches the bar and then lower down your body by extending your elbows.


Benefits of using Power Tower:

The power tower is one the equipment or you can say it is a machine that will help you in making your body fit and muscles bigger by using your own bodyweight. And there are many benefits that get.  You mainly strengthen your upper body muscles, but let’s see.

Let’s talk about the various benefit of using Power Tower:


  1. The foremost benefit with power tower is that you can install one in your home and you do not need to spend your time commuting to the gym and you will save money It is a good deal for you as now you are getting fitness in affordable rates and space as well.


  1. The best power tower do work on an individual’s upper body parts to help them in losing their weight and making them fit, if you are looking for an equipment for the gym that could be of great help to you then you should look for one of the best in my review.


  1. The power tower will be a great help to you if you manage to buy one according to your needs, as all the equipment have their pros and cons. You need to go through it and then make a decision which one you want in your house. As everybody has a different requirements


  1. Your upper body muscles are trained as it is one of the best equipment that has their expertise in dealing with your shoulders, arms, and your back. These exercises that you can perform with the power tower do involve your knees and legs too, but their focus will always be on upper body muscles only. Most of the best power towers does have a cushion attached to them as it will make you feel comfortable while you exercise through them.


  1. The beginners can speak to the trainers about the exercise they need to perform as it will help them in keeping the momentum. Some of the power trainers do require the user to be intermediate or better. Don’t hesitate to buy equipment which can help you to get on this level.


Power Towers are available in the market in lots of varieties, you can easily choose the one whichever you seem you are comfortable to go with but do take care that it should suit you while you are handling it. If you feel that the exercise or the power tower is not helping you out or there is any pain then you can speak to your trainer for advice.

So, let’s choose the best power towers that will help us in remaining fit and we do not need to go to any gym as well, as we have our own gym to spend time in.